Brandywine Eldercare Management was highly recommended to me by a professional colleague, and I am pleased to report that Erin Kershaw, BSN, MSA, CMC, far exceeded all my expectations in what I considered to be a very challenging situation. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009, my sister had been in physical decline, with marked weight loss. But more significantly, in my opinion, was her dramatic cognitive decline. Although my sister was receiving loving care from her husband, it appeared that he did not have a realistic expectation of the deteriorating course of her disease, nor of his ability to continue providing her care. However, after obtaining his permission, I contracted with Erin with the hope that she could convince my brother-in-law of the need to identify a supportive living community for them both. With skillful insight and professional expertise, Erin was able to win my brother-in-law’s trust and cooperation in reviewing both their financial and medical records. Within a short period of time, Erin identified three excellent care facilities which would meet their needs, which my brother-in-law agreed to visit. In the interim, Erin also addressed personal care and safety measures which enhanced my sister’s well-being. In addition, Erin worked with the hospice service which had begun services. Unfortunately, the sudden onset and complexity of the coronavirus restrictions eliminated consideration of my sister moving to a care facility at this time. Having said that, both as a family member and as a nurse, I would not hesitate to offer the highest praise for Brandywine Elder Care Management services.
S.C.H., Rehoboth Beach, DE
How thankful I am that we had Brandywine Elder Care and Mary Catherine delivering that support. We were especially grateful for the doctor visit support – a chore that always caused my loved one anxiety. I’m thankful for the comfort, joy and stability Mary Catherine brought to her last two years of life, and for the support I received.
A number of months ago, I was in despair over my mother's situation. I found navigating the complex world of senior care to be challenging, frustrating and at times thoroughly disheartening. Then I had the good fortune to get a recommendation for Brandywine ECM. After working with Erin for nearly a year now, through some very difficult issues, I can tell you truthfully that they are the real deal. They know their stuff and they are always there to support you. I feel like I have a team behind me now, and I no longer feel so alone in managing mom's care. The peace of mind that has given me has been immeasurable.
A.M., Delaware County, PA
Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave my aunt over the past year…I know the last month or so with her had been very stressful, and I appreciate all your extra efforts on her behalf during this time. The weekly and then daily reports were such a lifeline for me…I read your reports carefully knowing they contained the most up to date and honest assessment of her health. At times I felt like I was in the same room with you all. Thank you for that connection. You are the consummate professional and your ability to interact positively with staff and family is tops. I’m so pleased you could be with my aunt during this period.
A.M., Maine
Mary Catherine is doing an amazing job with a very difficult situationwith our mother. We're very grateful for her involvement and her working to repair every wrench our mother tosses into the gears.
My parents have spent 65 years living independently together. Over a short period of time it became apparent they could no longer handle living alone. As a family we were looking for help in finding a workable solution for them. Brandywine Elder Care Management was referred to us as a resource. In the midst of a medical emergency with my father and securing a safe place for my mother to stay, BECM stepped in and became our family advocate. Their knowledge and personality helped greatly during a less than perfect rehabilitation stay for my father, as well as assisting me with getting my mom acclimated with her new living arrangement. Needless to say, there were many bumps in the road during this period and BECM has been an invaluable asset. At this time my parents are back together in a safe and comfortable assisted living environment. The list of things she has assisted me with over the months is extensive and includes: Arranging care needs for my parents’ well-being, finding and assisting in transitioning primary care physicians and specialists, transportation to appointments, and contacting home closing services. There are many other functions BECM has helped me with and to mention them all would be exhaustive. They are true and trusted professionals we can turn to at any time for assistance, advice and compassion.
W.M.L., Wilmington, DE
I contacted Brandywine Elder Care Management to help check on my brother. Living a long distance away, I had tried to help him as best I could for years, but his needs just became too much. I cannot say enough about Erin Kershaw and all she did! She got the help we needed and worked to improve my brother's quality of life. She was his advocate and an invaluable resource to us all. I truly regret not having hired her sooner. She is an outstanding care manager and person. I will gladly serve as a reference to anyone considering working with her.
J.M., Georgia
I had no idea what a Care Manager was or how important the role is in handling difficult situations with families. From Nevada, I needed help with my father in Pennsylvania. He was in the middle of medical and financial hardships and had to move out of the home where he and my stepmother lived for over 50 years. My stepmother was placed in a long-term nursing facility in 2011, after my father suffered a subdural hematoma and he was no longer able to care for her. Since that time, my father's health and their home have deteriorated, to the point that he eventually had to relocate to a senior assisted living facility. That's where BECM comes in. I was referred to them due to all of the logistics, medical and financial issues and care that my father needed, and I needed them as well, to maintain my sanity. They have been there from the beginning and continue to assist me and my father. Whenever we call, they are quick to respond and resolve any issues. They are a blessing and considered as family because without them, we would have had to endure all of this on our own and it would not have been a good outcome. It is a great feeling knowing that BECM is nearby to assist my father with whatever he needs and always provide me with update
M.S., Las Vegas, Nevada
I am a general practice attorney with Connor, Weber & Oberlies, a regional law firm. Our firm is involved in, among other things: estate planning, estate administration, elder law, creditor relations and related litigation in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. Over the past three years we have consistently consulted with the principals at Brandywine Elder Care Management in matters affecting our clients and their families. Their support has been indispensable. Brandywine provides prompt, expert advice and quality services in matters ranging from immediate care arrangements, facilities and home care evaluations to patient/client rights and services consultations. They have become an important resource and we recommend them without qualification
W.J., Weber Paoli, PA
My wife was in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s disease and I was having some difficulty in determining how to get her the care she needed. I discussed this with my GP and he, without hesitation, recommended BECM, and more specifically Erin Kershaw. This was a significant turning point for me and my family. As I came to know Erin, I quickly realized what a valuable resource she was to us during this very trying period. She has an immense knowledge in the field of caregiving and helped me navigate through the many aspects of my wife’s care, keeping me on track and preparing for what was likely to come. She was always available, had many resources that helped and was quick to point out the changes I should make that would help ease the way. Erin helped make a very difficult journey more bearable. I have recommended her to many friends who have been going through these difficult times
MA.., West Chester, PA
Erin, with her extensive and practical knowledge of the elder care field, has provided both hands-on help, and has made available to us many in-home healthcare organizations that were badly needed to keep my extremely elderly mom well. Erin has my complete confidence and my unqualified recommendation.
B.W., Newtown Square, PA
My family includes four busy siblings who willingly participate in various caregiving roles for our 87-year-old Mother, yet navigating complicated circumstances within a confusing and ever-changing system had us constantly tested. Erin Kershaw stepped into our caregiving circle as a perfect complement to clarify communication, interface with staff, and offer invaluable advice and technical know-how. Erin's care management skill and compassionate guidance has created a strong unifying presence to which everyone can refer and rely on. I strongly recommend the addition of her flexible assets to any family juggling the multiple requirements of caring for their loved one. In today's complicated world of caregiving, the addition of a Care Manager is an invaluable unifying presence, and Erin Kershaw offers the winning combination of professional skill and compassionate flexibility to tackle whatever challenge you face.
G.C.A., Phoenixville, PA
I first heard the term “care manager” when my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2014, and BECM was recommended. I interviewed several agencies, but Erin Kershaw made it clear she was in it for the long haul, so I signed up. Best decision ever! Through thick and thin, over 6+ years now, Erin has been at my side at every step of this fraught and painful journey. She’s been my advocate, counselor, advisor, aide, surrogate, and friend. She is trustworthy, empathetic, resourceful, responsive, decisive, and caring. Simply put, she has eased my burden, and I cannot imagine doing this without her
S.J., Havertown, PA
I want to thank you for the kind and professional care you provided my dad as he was caring for my mom in the last months of her life. My dad told me numerous times how much he appreciated being able to consult with you as new challenges came their way. Finding and vetting caregivers through Care.com was a God send. Additionally, finding a way for my dad to be with my mom at the rehab facility (while they were on lock down) was critically important to him. He said that having access to you during the trying times helped him get through it all. Please know how appreciative I am for all you did for my parents. Thank you again.