Memory Care Support

Those living with memory loss face special challenges, as do their families. At Brandywine Elder Care Management, our team has the experience and expertise to guide and support you through every step of the difficult challenges of dementia care.

Cognitive Evaluation

Memory loss is often a gradual process. We’ll conduct an extensive assessment to determine exactly where in the process your loved one is, or even if the memory loss is due to dementia. Working with the appropriate medical professionals, we’ll obtain an accurate diagnosis, so we know exactly what kind of help will be needed to ensure your loved one can live safely and with purpose.

Developing a Care Plan

If it is determined your loved one has dementia, we’ll create a personalized care plan, which may include recommending health providers experienced in treating memory loss such as geriatricians, neurologists, psychiatrists, and neuropsychologists, among others. Our team will help you evaluate the pros and cons of various treatment options and accompany the client to medical appointments to advocate on his or her behalf. The plan may also include making recommendations for in-home care, making modifications to the home to make it safer, and identifying appropriate alternative living arrangements.

Supporting the Family

Memory loss affects the whole family. Seeing a loved one slowly lose his or her ability to remember life’s most cherished moments – or even recognize who you are – can be overwhelming. We help families cope by recommending local resources, assisting with difficult issues such as when it’s time for the loved one to stop driving or move to a supportive living community, and providing needed counseling when issues arise.